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Professional Remote Staffing Solutions Australia

Tallant is a full-service outsourcing provider with years of experience providing highly skilled, professional Philippines-based staff to companies around the world.

Seamless remote staffing

Our world-leading technology combined with robust hiring and management procedures make us your perfect offshoring partner.

"I would highly recommend using Tallant Asia as an offshore staffing provider."

Rich Harvey, Propertybuyer


Get what you need done done with Tallant

Whatever it is that you need, be it appointment book, accounting, graphic design, an admin assistant, web development, software engineering or anything in between, Tallant has the right people, ready to help.

The best tech infrastructure in the business

Our offices are located in a technology park which is designed with reliabilty in mind. With world-leading connectivity and everything you need to ensure you get what you need from your remote team.

Experienced on-site management brings consistency & accountability

Our management team has years of experience in helping companies around the world deploy remote staffing solutions. They're there to support you and your remote team.


Why our clients absolutely love Tallant


technology infrastructure

Highly skilled


Experienced on site management

Dedicated account managers

Transform your business today


Let's talk

Book your no-obligation needs assessment today and see what outsourcing can do for your business

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