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Meet Tallant Asia: The Outsourcing Company Putting Cebu on the Map

Tallant Asia is an outsourcing company based in Cebu, Philippines. Our company was founded in 2016 with the mission to promote local talents and put Cebu on the map as a hub for outsourcing and offshoring services.

The Tallant Asia team comprises experienced professionals specialising in various fields. We are committed to providing high-quality services that meet our client's needs while promoting local talent's skills and expertise.

Our company's mission is to create job opportunities for Filipinos and to help businesses compete globally. Tallant Asia aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) scale up their operations, improve their efficiency, and increase their profitability by providing affordable outsourcing services.

From Cebu to the World: The Story of Tallant Asia

Tallant Asia was founded by Anthony Bowers, who saw the potential of Cebu as a hub for outsourcing and offshoring services. He recognized the abundance of talent in the city and wanted to create a platform that would enable local professionals to showcase their skills to the world.

The company started small and gradually expanded, offering outsourcing services such as digital marketing, customer support, and back-office operations. Today, Tallant Asia is one of the most promising outsourcing companies in the Philippines, with a growing roster of clients from around the world.

Outsourcing with a Heart: How Tallant Asia is Changing the Game

Tallant Asia is guided by values that reflect its commitment to excellence, integrity, and social responsibility. The company values teamwork, innovation, and continuous improvement and is dedicated to providing exceptional service to its clients.

One of the core values of Tallant Asia is its commitment to promoting local talent. The company believes that the Philippines has a wealth of talented professionals and that by providing opportunities to showcase their skills, they can help create a more vibrant and dynamic outsourcing industry in the country.

Empowering Local Talents to Compete Globally

Tallant Asia is a company that is dedicated to promoting local talent and helping businesses around the world to succeed. With a team of experienced professionals, a commitment to excellence and integrity, and a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, Tallant Asia is poised to become a leading provider of outsourcing services in the Philippines and beyond.

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