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Outsourcing Virtual Assistant Services

Hire Virtual Assistant

Reduce the costs of in-house hiring while still taking advantage of quality services. Tallant Asia provides world-class Outsourcing Virtual Assistant Services that enable businesses of all sizes to access talented virtual assistant staff without the added cost of managing in-house resources.

Our experts are familiar with working remotely, providing efficient and reliable virtual assistant services with complete discretion. We take pride in delivering timely and effective results to our clients with minimal overhead.

From document and spreadsheet preparation to appointment setting and sales management, we can help find the right staff to handle everything. Our virtual assistant staff will help your business succeed with proven strategies for improving efficiency and increasing profitability.

Outsource your administrative tasks to the Philippines

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Cost effective

Outsourcing your administrative tasks  is a great way to cost-effectively ensure that you've got the support you need and increase your business productivity.

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24/7 availability

With our virtual assistants, rest assured that your business is always being attended whenever you require assistance any time of the day.


Multi-disciplinary teams

Our dependable virtual assistants will provide valuable support for your business needs, from scheduling, data entry, email management and more.


Take advantage of Tallant Asia’s Outsourcing Virtual Assistant Services and gain access to reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality virtual assistant staff.

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