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Tallant Values

What drives us to deliver


Gender Equality

At Tallant we firmly believe that everyone has a right to be valued based on their ability, not anything else. Tallant firmly believes in providing opportunities to all people in the Philippines without prejudice.

Creating opportunities

Tallant is committed to providing opportunities for both employment and professional development for people regardless of their background. We believe in supporting people and helping them grow outside of any economic or societal constraints they may face.



We embrace our role as a facilitator of outsourced human resources services. As a part of this role we feel it is essential to provide full transparency to both our clients and our staff.

Tallant is committed to ensuring that you fully understand every aspect of your contract with us and there are no hidden fees.


Delivering Quality

We work with our clients to ensure that their virtual assistants are fully trained and have a comprehensive understanding of what is expected of them professionally. At Tallant we pride ourselves on delivering quality results, every time.


Giving Back

At Tallant we believe in giving back to the community that supports us. We regularly hold events with local schools and charities where our entire team get involved in saying thank you and supporting the

next generation.

Having fun

A happy, connected team is a productive team. We regularly hold team outings, teambuilding sessions and get togethers that take advantage of the beautiful place that is Cebu.

Coming together is a huge part of Filipino culture and it's a huge part of how Tallant works.

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